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   The Type 304 Thermal Transfer module is a compact water temperature control bath and pumping module designed to circulate de-ionized water of a specific temperature through a variety of heat exchangers for the control of patient blood temperature during cardiopulmonary by-pass and long term patient support. It provides high pumping rates for efficient heat transfer, rapid warming, and accurate, adjustable water temperate control while warming. Additionally, this unit may be used for cooling by utilizing cubes or chunks of ice and subsequently the ice may be removed or melting away during the heating process. At the upper end of the temperature spectrum, double-redundant heater control is employed to prevent over-heating for greatly increased patient safety.

   The controls of the Type 304 are designed to afford the by-pass technologist with maximal control and convenience. Use of this instrument provides continuous monitoring of water temperatures. The self contained water supply of the Type 304 does away with the clutter of hoses and valves presently found in many operating rooms and patient support facilities.