Cable Ties & Cable Tie Gun

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  1. Pull and turn tension adjusting knob to correct number in window of handle, 1-3 for miniature cross section ties, 3-6 for intermediate cross section ties, and 6-8 for standard cross section ties.

  2. By hand (a) wrap cable tie around wire tie bundle (b) insert tip through cable tie head and pull snug.

  3. Hold the nose of the tool up against the extended portion of the tie next to the cable tie head (see instructions) so that the tie lies in the open slot of the tool.

  4. Squeeze trigger (tool will tighten cable ties to preset tension* and cut off excess) then release the trigger (cut portion will eject to side).

* Adjusting Tension ~ If tie is too loose on wire bundle. increase tension number. If tie is torn or breaks decrease tension number.

CAUTION ~ This tool has been designed for use with mil-spec approved cable ties ONLY. DO NOT use this tool for other uses such as cutting tensioning wires or other materials.

( TO BE USED WITH SST 1 ~ 1.5 and 2)

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